Miracle’s Happen..by Jane Whetstone.

” All things are possible to them that believe.”  Matthew 9:23

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GOD IS AWESOMEPartial Testimony:

In her upcoming inspirational memoir,  Jane shares her story of living through the disease of Lupus, Atypical Rheumatic Disease, and FMS, as well as losing her prestigious career as an executive in Newport Beach, California.  

She has also survived three auto accidents and traumatic bicycle accident breaking her jaw in three places and requiring hospitalization, surgery and living with chronic pain/headaches.  Through all of these events, she is a shining light who lives for Jesus Christ, to fulfill the mandate to go a preach the Gospel to all the world.

She considers God’s grace on her life a true miracle.

” Hope is the anchor of the soul. ”  Hebrews 16

Without God’s grace and power in her life, Jane simply would not be here today.  She looks forward to sharing her love and inspiration with other’s.

“But you shall receive POWER when the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth. ”  Acts 1

2 Corinthians 5:7 … We walk by faith, not by sight.

Hers is an inspirational story of overcoming catastrophic obstacles in life that can either make one ” bitter, or better. 

Jane promotes taking your health back by being proactive in changing your diet,  exercise, and creating a more balanced life through prayer,  music, art, creativity, nature and community, while seeking to live your dreams, one step at a time..

Jeremiah 33:6 NIV : Nevertheless, I will bring health and healing to it: I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security.  

In Jane’s personal life, she has learned to, “Believe in the impossible, and strive toward the practical,”  her signature statement.

Jane believes that every life has a purpose, and every heart has a dream, while she can truly empathize with anyone facing painful losses and life changes.    
Jane says:  “I believe that FAITH is real, and the divine can be the inspiration for miracle’s to happen.  

Hebrews 11: 1 states:  “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen. ”  Miracle’s happen when we trust and believe in the impossible.       

I pray for God’s best to be with you each and every day!   Be open to a new way of thinking and believing, and you just might see a brand new beginning coming your way.

May God bless every area of your life, and may you find God’s love and hope through Jesus Christ!

Jane Ellen Whetstone

Founder, Author, Artist


What is excellence?

Why do people stop believing in attaining excellence?   Who seeks to attain excellence?

Why do some people seek excellence and honesty and dignity, while others don’t care about being honest or excellent or worthy of good behavior?

Why is excellence in all we do important?

I think excellence should be a goal in our own hearts…to listen to God, who empowers us to become better human beings.

.I think when we make a mistake that hurts someone else, we need to make it right, not cover it up…I think too many people who live the church life somehow forget the responsibilities we have on a moral level..to make things right, that were wronged.


I remember hearing about a group of people who knew how deeply we had wronged the African American peoples through the hideous acts of slavery..and they began to stand in the gap and pray, pray for forgiveness for all of the past abuses.. pray for healing for generations to come..and begin to heal current relationships…healing begins with one word.  Humility..

More on the topic of excellence later…


Thanks for a visit to my page!

I want to encourage you to be strong.

I am a survivor of Lupus.  It has been a long and difficult journey to walk through, but I feel grateful to be alive.  I have also lived with FMS, a chronic pain and fatigue disorder since 1991.

After living through three separate auto accidents, { none my fault } and a serious head trauma from a bicycle accident, I feel that life truly is a gift and one to be grateful for.  The physical injuries I endured may have caused the illnesses of Lupus and FMS, but studies show that may be only one of the reasons people are diagnosed with these types of illnesses.

Being an athlete in both High School and College, it was extremely devastating to lose my health.

At the same time, the circumstances which were allowed in my life caused me to really turn to GOD and call upon HIS faithfulness to see me through the many losses.

Because of these life changing events, I am a living witness that no matter what you are facing, God will take care of you!

HE loves us so much, HE will never leave us to fail without answers.  HE always has a good plan, one that will lead you into a path of life, love, and the ability to overcome even the most difficult or discouraging circumstances.

Let’s face it, some people just have to endure more than other’s, but those are the one’s which truly inspire us, right?

It is my sincere desire to never see anyone fall to the point of losing hope. or not getting back up in life, no matter what you are facing.   I especially want to encourage believer’s in Christ who are feeling lost or without hope, God won’t fail you,

God created us to become conquerors in every area of life.!  If you can dream it, you can do it…if you can believe for a miracle, you will receive a miracle..in fact, YOU ARE A MIRACLE!

God bless you, and please feel free to contact me for speaking engagements or prayer:  Jane.Whetstone@gmail.com


Jane Ellen Whetstone

Jane Whetstone

Jane Whetstone

Divine Purpose!

Everyone has a divine purpose.

You were uniquely created in the image of an almighty God!  Your true purpose is going to arrive when you at first seek God..asking Jesus to reveal Himself to you..give up the old ways and open your heart..admit you have sin, are born into sin and you wish to become cleansed, healed and delivered!  You will start a brand new beginning, both spiritually and naturally.

It’s  going to be AMAZING!!!   You see, GOD HIMSELF created you..Psalms says,” HE knew you before you were formed in your mother’s womb. ”  WOW, now that’s a personal GOD.   This means HE Knows the plans which HE has for you..the gifts, talents, and purposes that are inside of you.  If you tap into the spiritual fountain of eternity, you will begin to understand that there is far more to life than just living for the  ” now. ”

Becoming a Born Again Christian is not only the most important decision you will make for your life here on earth, but for ” DESTINY ” for all of eternity.  You see, knowing Jesus as Lord and Savior begins a new life for you!  Your values will begin to change, your ideas will shift, and you will begin to have a desire for the things of God..for ” Where your heart is there will your treasures be stored ”

I would rather store up my treasures in Heavenly things, rather than earthly.   Earthy things will pass away, but the Word of God endures forever!

Jesus said it like this  “Unless a man is born again, he { or she } will not see the Kingdom of Heaven.   Why?  Because we are born into a sin filled, evil world..we are born into sin.  If you would like to challenge this statement, or are a believer in Humanism, which says ” everything happens for a reason ”  I suggest you read the news, or ask yourself if starving children, hatred, anger, wars, famines, violence, murder etc. are something that ” happen for a reason ” ?   I suggest rather, that you understand that these types of events are not of God at all..but of human error, human sin, human evil.   What truly happens for a “reason ” is the redemption of these types of events..redemption of humanity through the Son of a LIVING God, Jesus Christ!

If you are not yet saved, not yet see the value of eternity, or eternal values, just think of it like this.   What is 100 years in comparison to eternity..

If you question Christianity, begin to pray and ask God to soften your heart, and mind, and open your heart..begin to see things HIS way..find a  Bible, you can get a free Bible from many sources..ask for one to come to you..I bet you someone will give you one as soon as you ask!   Begin to read..the Book of John, the Psalms, Proverbs..and pray..!

Jesus LOVES you and so do I.  We need more love on this earth, in our homes, hearts, lives and beings…

” Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not unto your own understanding. ”  Proverbs 3

” Ask and will be given. ”


Jesus will never let you down..HE will always raise you up!

Jesus will never let you down..HE will always raise you up!

What If?

If you knew that someone needed some sort of specific help, love, or support, and you were perfectly capable of helping them, would you?

And, knowing that truly all this person needed was support, not asking for ” hand outs ” but rather..being humble and honest enough to understand their needs and knowing that trying to accomplish the answer alone was not possible.

Just listen, because if you don’t listen and somehow this person only needed a little boost of encouragement…or, real help..moral support..or physical support, and they did ask and you ignored the need..then are you responsible?  If you are a true Christian, you are responsible..

Often this type of person never receives  support due to the fact that we { helper’s } like to always be blessing someone, so when it comes to the time when we need the help, we don’t have it…especially when there is no family…so  just be open to helping someone in need..please, for the sake of God’s Kingdom.

In HIS love, as always..hoping for HIS best!

Someone might really need your help today, so listen.



If I could…

If I could, I would film documentaries about how American’s are over medicated and undernourished..over stimulated by technology and without learning capabilities of how to have healthy, long,  enduring loving relationships..if I could..

I I could, I would go back in time and share my plight with the right people, if I could.

If I could, I would help change history, one person at a time, if I could.

If I could, I would share the Gospel with everyone I meet…if I could.

If I could, I would build museums’ filled with the most elaborately beautiful art, music and landscape…if I could.

What we do with our ” If I could ” is what we can do, not wish to do!

” Without faith it is impossible to please GOD. ”   Now, go and change this world……


” Open your mouth for the speechless.. ” Proverbs 31 8

” Open your mouth for the speechless, In the cause of all who are appointed to die.

Open your mouth, judge righteously, And plead the cause of the poor and needy. ”  Proverbs 31:8

We need women who are willing to do so with an abundance of God’s grace, serving their families, their communities, our nation.

Everywhere we look, we see the worlds’ standards spinning out of control..and the church often follows suit..sadly.  But God loves HIS people and HE will never give up on sending forth those who are willing to serve HIM with a pure heart.

We  must be strong in our faith and change the world by spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through our own faith with action, love, wisdom, integrity and compassion.

I have seen for years the reality of  false doctrines embraced by believer’s new and old.  These doctrines hurt people and teach people to seek a sign and miracle, rather than a close relationship with Christ and study of the Word..therefore, rightly promoting spiritual and emotional growth, healthier relationships, and spreading of the Gospels.

I firmly believe in miracle’s, but focusing on the miracle, not the maker is a problem..and causes people to be led astray.  No one can ” buy ” a healing..God does the healing.

False teachings can ruin people’s lives and certainly do nothing but bring the truth of God into some sort of twisted formula for getting what you want,  or ” buying ” a healing…

Often, well meaning preacher’s can fall into this same category if not keeping accountable, with a pure heart after God and HIS flock.  Those who are in it for personal profit or gain usually will prey upon those people who are desperate, ill, living in poverty, and not grounded in the faith or the Word.

Bad things happen to good people, and good things happen to bad people, just look at the lives of the Saints of old, the true Apostles and Prophets..

History is all about good verses evil..from the beginning of time, this was the song of existence.

Though God always wanted perfection for us, and HE writes a new love story every day HE allows the earth to keep spinning..to keep moving..

From the beginning of time, we chose not to do HIS will..Adam and Eve entered…oh, what a problem…

We have to stand up for what is right and true, in the name of Jesus Christ!   We are living in such dark times, but we have total redemption through Jesus Christ, and must stand firm in our faith!

We ought to focus on the reality of what it takes to become a stronger, more equipped mature/compassionate Christian.

A  follower of Christ ought to be not only filled with the Holy Spirit, but equipped with the Word of God.

A new Christian can be weak concerning false teachings.  All too often I see these types of ministries who are over emotional, focused only the gifts of the spirit, and selling products and formulas for profit, but not building the believer in the truth.  I don’t judge other’s hearts, but we are called to have discernment and to be aware of false Prophet’s and false Teacher’s…wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Being a true follower of Christ is sacred….so much more than money or fame…

We must have teachings of how to operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and how to be more devoted to God and HIS Word..then living out our faith daily.

We are called to grieve with those that are grieving and rejoice with those that rejoice.

I wish for Christians to never be led astray, and always find the support they need from a Biblical view without experiencing spiritual abuses from any church.{ something I have rarely experienced.}

It grieves God’s heart when people treat each other so roughly, not having compassion and without concern for each other’s welfare and well being.

We are to take care of each other, so in turn, the World will see our love for each other,  how we live our lives differently, and will be encouraged to come to Christ.

The Apostle Paul said it like this.   ” I became all things to all men, so that by some means, I may win some to Jesus Christ. ”  paraphrased…

God will never abandon you, and true follower’s of Christ won’t either..you may just have to keep looking for the right church home and be strong.

He will walk through the trial with you..He will reach HIS hand out for you to hold on to..and HE will carry you through to the other side.

God bless  and LOVE you !


Follow your dreams, listen to your heart, be forgiving.